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Using past records to find a calculation

Question asked by JasonPenner on Mar 6, 2012
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Using past records to find a calculation


Good morning!

I will be the first to tell you that I'm "green" with the whole filemaker thing, but I have managed to get a database working for my company but now I want to do more.

I own a gym and we are in the process of deploying our Quality Control Database (makes sure people are training the way they should train), I have set it up using the Invoice Sample Database (where Products became exercises and Invoices became Workouts) I added the fields I needed etc. But now I'm trying to add a testing component to it;

What I need to do is;

  • Add tests as we grow
  • Calculate Values from certain tests
  • Spit them out into a report that compares their previous test with the current one
And example of what I'm talking about (and I excuse the rambling but I'm not very comfortable with the lingo just yet). I have it set it up like an invoice as well, so Testable Exercises is similar to products and then an invoice (Test) with Line Items. So I would add Body weight and Body Fat, now I need to have two calculated values from this;
  • Lean Body Mass; (1-Body Fat)*Body Weight
  • Fat Mass; Body Fat*Body Weight
The problem I get into is how do set up the calculated records? Does "Lean Body Mass" and "Fat Mass" become it's own record?
Any input is greatly appreciated as I am still wrapping my head around this whole database thing.