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Using Pic2Shop to import Barcodes

Question asked by ChrisCameron on Sep 9, 2011
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Using Pic2Shop to import Barcodes


I am using a script within File Maker that when you select a  "scan" button, from within fm go it will open the pic2shop application on my iphone and allow me to take a picture of the barcode. It will then display the barcode on the screen. The issue I am having is after it displays on the screen, I would like the entry to go into a particular field but am not sure how to script that addition. I am currently using the following script:

Open URL

"cnsbarcode://scan?method=camera&launchurl=fmp7script%3A//%24/" & Get ( FileName ) & "%3Fscript%3DScan%26param%3D::barcode::"


and then:

Show Custom Dialog

"EAN=" & Get(ScriptParameter)