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Using portal for picking multiple items to add to form

Question asked by ssp.columbus on Jan 26, 2012
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Using portal for picking multiple items to add to form




I am using Filemaker Pro 11.  I have been working through the FM Training Series and am using the included files as a basis for designing my own database.  I have creater a "picker" window with a portal to select items to place into my database.  In the FTS_Meetings.fp7 example file the person_picker window is used to select people to add to the meeting form.  In this file it is possible to select mutiple rows in the portal.  As you click on a row it highlights and if you click a second time it removes the highlight.  After selecting the people to add to the meeting you click the "Add" button which runs the script to add the people to the meeting.

In my database I have set up the "picker" window the same way.  I have a portal and the same "add" and "cancel" buttons.  However, when I click on the portal row it highlights, but it does not highlight all the rows I have selected.  Only the last selected row is highlighted.  I can not find any scripts or buttons that would allow for selecting multiple rows.  Can anyone tell me how to do this or what step I may have missed?

I have attached a screen shot of the "picker" window.