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    using portal hiding techniques in multi-user environment



      using portal hiding techniques in multi-user environment


      I have implemented the hiding techniques (introduced by J M Osborne) by laying the opjects to be hidden or shown on top of a portal based on a linked table (call it hidetable). Then I have a button running a script that toggles the value of the related field to blank or a value matching the serial number of the record being viewed.

      This is working perfectly for a single user but in a multi user environment if user number one clicks the button it affects user number 2 so if he is looking at the info., it suddenly disappears.

      I tried to make the field in the table hidetable global but that does not work for the relationship. I tried the relationship to be with an = sign and with an x sign but it does not work unless it is an = sign and nonglobal field.

      Is there a different technique which works for a multi user?