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Using portal to create new records via join table

Question asked by JacobLarkin on Aug 7, 2011
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Using portal to create new records via join table


Hello everyone,


I am working on a database tracking college athletes (using FMP 11).  Since each athlete can have many sports and each sport will have many athletes, I created a join table called "activity" to link my "athlete" table to the "sport" table. 

"athlete" contains their basic demographic info and is related to "activity", which has the fields of: activityID, athleteID, sport_name, and academic_year.  Activity is then linked to "sport" whose only field is sport name.

First question: Am I correct in the design of the relationships here?

My issue comes on my data entry layout (on the activity tab) that I have designed for the athletes. 

Using a portal to the activity table, I would like each athlete to select which sport(s) they participate in, thinking that there will be multi-sport athletes. When I test this portal, it looks like I can create multiple records through the portal, as I can choose a sport in multiple lines in browse mode.

Just to double check, I created a layout using all the fields from the "activity" table to make sure that multiple records were being created. However, only the first sport entered through the portal shows up as a created record.  In other words, if I enter 3 separate sports in the portal, my test layout will say only 1 record is created.

I also tried using two separate portals, this time basing the "sport_name" field off of the "sport" table and leaving "academic_year" with the "activity" table.  Not sure which one is correct, I thought this would fix it, but it didn't work out either.

Where am I going wrong here?  I have "allow creation of records through this relationship" turned on in all the appropriate places.  Maybe I am missing something simple, but I would love a pointer if you can help!  Screenshots of the portal and then the list showing creation of only 1 record.

Thank you!