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Using portal to maintain records from a single table

Question asked by LaurenceHarrould on Feb 16, 2013
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Using portal to maintain records from a single table


     I want to maintain the records from a single table using a portal (so I can get the look and feel I need). The objective is to be able to create and maintain records that make up a lookup list.

     I've created a link to a system table in order to use a portal based on a field [_constant] which is autopopulated with the value 1. This field is in both tables.

     When I set up the portal I can edit existing records and a blank record is shown at the end of the list but when I try to enter a value into the "new" record I get an error saying the field is not modifiable.

     How do I create a table maintenance list/portal?

     The attached image shows the portal I'm trying to get working, the error message and the table relationship.

     I've tried using the X in the relationship but that only allows me to work with existing records, not create new ones.