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    Using Portal to make a list view on a tab.



      Using Portal to make a list view on a tab.


      I am having trouble populating a list view that I created using portal. I created a table and established relationship between two tables. See Attachments. I cannot see the data populate the tab fields. Thank you in advance for your help.



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          Some of your terminology is confusing, can you post a screen grab of your layout and explain exactly what you're trying to do, explaining what table occurrence the layout relates to and what table occurrence the portal relates to.



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            Is the portal to PhotographerLIst?

            At first glance, I thought that Photographers and PhotographerList referred to the same table, but I can see fields listed in one that do not appear in the other. So what is the purpose of these two tables? Should there really be two different tables here?

            In any case, the relationship between the two is not set up correctly. It looks like you need only one pair of match fields, not 6 pairs.

            If you want to see all records in the portal's table, remove all but one pair of match fields from the relationship and change the = opeartor to the Cartesian Join operator. (Double click the relationship line.)

            If this is not what you want, please use Post a new Answer to reply back with a more detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish with your portal.

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              Thank you for your response. I cannot find a way to link items (using portal) from photographers list without making a new layout (Edit Layout,New Layout) and relating it to my original table.  I am trying to add an items list on a tabbed panel. Ultimately, I want to have a tab that has the following items: Id number, title, name, address, phone, and email.

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                You do not relate one layout to another in FileMaker. You link the tables on which they are based in relationships.

                But it is still not clear to me what you are trying to accomplish with the tables you show in your first screen shot. And your second screen shot is not consistent with the first or PhotographersList would be listed with Notes under "related tables".

                Exactly what "Items" are you trying to list in the portal? And from what table?

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                  Hi again Joe,

                  I am sorry ... but the lack of information of what exactly you are trying to achieve is hampering any attempt to help you.

                  If I were to guess at what you are trying to do ... here is what I see.

                  PhotographersList = a table to store names and addresses of photographers on your books

                  Photographers = a table to store images, and some meta data about the images along with info on the photographer

                  Notes = a table to store notes about a particular image.


                  The duplication of the same name, address phone and email fields in both the PhotographersList and Photographers tables seems totally unnecessary. Is there a particular reason for it?.

                  The excessive relationship pairs 6 in total between the 2 tables seems unnecessary and will only show a match if all 6 pairs of information are exactly the same in each table.

                  The notes table, what is the reason for this, is it to store notes on the photographer or notes on the image?. And why is it in a separate table rather than a text field in either the PhotographersList or Photographers, I get the impression it is for multiple notes on the photographer themselves and if so it should be linked to the PhotographersList.

                  Would I be right in thinking you are trying to create a viewing portal for all the photographers images?, that is you go to a particular photographer in your photographerList and you see all their images in a portal on another tab?.