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Using Portal to select related records

Question asked by PittAdminAsst on Oct 13, 2014
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Using Portal to select related records



I'm sure that this is not a complicated problem, but have searched for days without finding a solution.

I am using filemaker to organize many different types of contacts.  One type is students, which eventually become alumni.  In our center we routinely send out surveys to get updates on alumni activity.  The problem we ran into was that if someone responded to the survey twice their old info would be lost when importing the new info. 

My solution was to make the alumni info a separate table so that you could have multiple "alumni surveys" associated with one contact via contact id relationship. (one to many relationship so it doesn't need a join table right?)

So on the layout that shows student info there is a tab for their alumni info in a portal.  Here I would like to have a dropdown menu showing the dates that someone has filled out the survey so that the user can select them to show the different responses. 

I have gotten it to the point where I have the dropdown menu in a portal that shows the proper dates. My problem is that when I select the *other* date instead of bringing up the other survey it modifies the data to show they both have the same date.  I know this is the expected behavior but how can I use this to trigger the other record.

I have thought about this a number of different ways and haven't been able to figure it out.  I'm pretty sure a global field is out of the question because I am not filtering based on global values, these are specific dates associated with specific records.  I guess what I need is dynamic portal filtering based on a specific field.  Instead of telling the portal ahead of time how to filter (static) I want it to look at the related records and display the available options in a dropdown.

Any help is greatly appreciated!