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Using Portals and User Priviledge

Question asked by ienalpe28 on Dec 10, 2012
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Using Portals and User Priviledge


     Hi Im having an issue in using portals How can I put the entry field in the portal always at the top of the portal? So when user add a new record the entry field will always be at the top so that when the portal gets longer user wont have to scroll down to the bottom to enter a record. Help please. Any techniques is welcome.

     (followup question)

     I have a portal which has the action table that contains: 1. Action 2. AccountCreate 3. TimestampCreate. its like a note.

     user will enter a note in action field and after commiting, user account name will be displayed in AccountCreate and timestamp will be in TimestampCreate automatically. So I have multiple user. How can I restrict other user from not editing the notes that they did not create. user1 cant edit or change the notes of user 2. and then displays a message showing that they are not allowed to edit other users notes.