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Using portals to enter list of calendar dates

Question asked by millie on Mar 23, 2012
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Using portals to enter list of calendar dates


Hi. I would like to create a function for users to enter a list of dates within a record for advertisements to be placed in various publications with the advertisement deadline date appearing beside this.  Both sets of dates need to be entered separately as they cannot be calculated - but they need to appear together so that it is clear by viewing that each deadline relates to each publication date.

Our sales team need to enter anything from 1 single insertion date and copy deadline to maybe 20 or 30 consecutive dates for larger campaigns.

Is there a way of doing this within a portal or any other way so that I don't need to create a selection of fields that are always visible with the maximum number of possible entries also always visible?

Could this be done using portals that expand in size as new lines are added?

Many thanks for your help.