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Using progressive value lists in Web publisher

Question asked by ne14arun on Dec 21, 2010


Using progressive value lists in Web publisher


I created a series of drop down value lists for successive fields using exisiting records within my system. For each field's drop down values I used the inspector (under "data" tab) to display data from one table while using values from a predertermined dynamic value list.

While developing/using this in FMPRO11 it works great; creating a progressive series of drop down lists based on the field data previously selected. But this will not work in the Web Publisher format.

Because web-based users have to "submit" the data before the system can recognize what the field value is, the next fields drop down menu does not appear. I have to submit the record then go back in using the "edit" command for the next value list to populate.

I am completely lost on how to make this work in the web version as I can find no script commands to submit or save a record before going to the next field.  

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated....