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    Using Proper for auto-enter calc, with exceptions?



      Using Proper for auto-enter calc, with exceptions?


      I'm working on a field that I would like to use an Auto-Enter calculated value to have all text entered be Proper case.
      Obviously I'd use:
      Proper ( Title )
      Where "Title" is the field I want changed... but here's the catch, I need to allow for things like WWII (world war two) so I don't end up with:
      The Airplanes Of Wwii

      I've looked over a number of posts and all indicate that this really is a tough task, and there was one pointing to this as a solution for names like McDonnell:
      Interesting but not hitting what I need.

      What I'm looking for is more of an If or Case function where I could list all the exceptions or changes after the proper function. Even if I had to list all my exceptions I'd be ok with that.

      I know how to do this in text apps like BBEdit using Grep, but not in FileMaker

      Thanks for any assistance.