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Using radio button to highlight (or hide/show) a field

Question asked by yandg on Jun 15, 2010
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Using radio button to highlight (or hide/show) a field


Hi, Hope i'm not repeating questions here but i have searched but can only find slightly similar posts.


Using FM9 and FM11 and would like a 2 option radio button to show a field or ask for data (that can be then stored in a field) id option 2 is ticked.


EG   Field= Account - No1 [ ]   No2  [ ] 

              if option No1 do nothing (Only used for searches)

              if option no2 show a field ready for data entry or navigate to the field (could be off the bottom of normal layout - then return to normal layout)


Or could use a drop down field but still cant seem to fing how to open/show the other field for data input required. - Could it be a popup? 


 Although it only want to appear / pop up when the radio option is first checked or changed.


any pointers in the right direction / function  appreciated.


Many thanks  Mike.