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Using Radio Buttons/Checkboxes Versus Button To Enter Data

Question asked by BrianWoods_1 on Dec 22, 2013
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Using Radio Buttons/Checkboxes Versus Button To Enter Data


     I am building a evaluation form for different departments in which the department manager can input and modify his/her own sentences according to different performance levels.  At a later point, the user could select  one, or perhaps several entries from a single category.  

                                                      EXCELLENT        VERY GOOD     SATISFACTORY          POOR              VERY POOR

KNOWLEDGE                       aaaaaaaaa1        aaaaaaaaa2      aaaaaaaaa3          aaaaaaaaa4      aaaaaaaaa5 

PROMPTNESS                     bbbbbbbbb1        bbbbbbbbb2      bbbbbbbbb3          bbbbbbbbb4      bbbbbbbbb5 

CLARITY                                ccccccccccc1       cccccccccc2      ccccccccccc3          ccccccccccc4     cccccccccc5 

THOROUGHNESS              dddddddddd1      ddddddddd2      ddddddddd3          ddddddddd4      ddddddddd5 

     At the moment, I'm using various buttons to "push" the selections over to a single field which collects and places each sentence one after the other.  The button functionality works, however for my needs, I've found two issues... 

          1. The user cannot undo his/her selections with buttons.

          2. Although the field that collects selected sentences is already in view (on the side), this forces the viewer to reread his/her selections.  This leads me to investigate radio buttons/checkboxes which would provide a quick visual review before users move on.

     I've tinkered a bit with radio buttons (and in some situations check boxes), however I'm immediately confronted with some limitations.  

          A) I suppose I could use IF statements to pull data into separate fields.  But this would mean an exact match, preventing users from supplying their own unique statements.

          B) When check boxes are used, ALL the selected sentences get dumped into a single field which prevents later data analysis.

     Just wondering if there might be a way to use radio buttons or check boxes while getting around some of the limitations listed above.   

     Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.