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Using records from another file to "Pre fill in" values on a form

Question asked by RobertRichmond on Oct 2, 2011
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Using records from another file to "Pre fill in" values on a form


Hello all,

Been developing a database for our College and I have come across a problem I am not sure how to resolve as yet. I thought I might post a message here to see if I can get some ideas.


The College has had me build a homework support database. The purpose of the database is to provide a quick and simple way, for a teacher to enter a homework record for a student who did not complete the requested work the night before. The student goes to a homework room with a supervising teacher, where they complete the work requested.

We curently use Filemaker for all the student - teacher records, so it seemed the best option as it already had the information we required within it.

I have built the area where the staff can search through the records (by importing records form the database) so I can test it. I have also built the supervisor area. Here the supervisor can check that the student has completed their work, and mark it as done.

The problem I am trying to tackle now is HOW to get the records into the database in the first place!

The exisitng database has a table called students, where the Student ID is located. I use this to uniquely identify each student, and collect the student name etc from this table. This table also has the subjects that the student attends. I have set a relationship between this table and mine.

The existing database also has a table called staff where I get the staff code from. I also collect the staff members name from ths table. This table also has fields in it which name the classes that the staff member teaches. I have set a relationship between this table and mine.

What I envisage ideally, is a button called "Homework Entry", that the staff member clicks. This button would be tied to a script, and this is the section I need a hand with.

The script needs to get the staff members name, and then display to the user the list of subjects that they teach. When they select the subject they want to use, it then displays a list of students that are enrolled in this subject.

The staff member then needs to select the students from a list. There may be one, two, six.. twenty student etc... this number will change.

I would then like in list view, the student records to be displayed, along with the staff members name. The staff member then needs to enter the students homework and exit.

The reason for doing it this way, was that we are trying to make it as quick as as easy as possible for the staff to get the information into the database, without needed to look up the students details, enter it in, find the next student, re enter it in etc....  

Does anyone know how I might be able to create something like this?


P.S.  have been reading Filemaker Pro 11 - The missing manual, but I am only up to Understanding calculations (chapter 8), and haven't noticed anything about this specific problem just yet.......