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Using Relationships

Question asked by AviDavis on Apr 13, 2010
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Using Relationships


Hello I started another Thread but it appears I need much more basic help. 


I'm very new to filemaker pro 10 on Windows Vista. My target idea is to create a database that contains these three tables: Organization, Representative, and Donor.


My Idea was this. In one layout include all three tables to be able to edit and add new records in each table. In the Organizations layout I created a tabbed control tool for representative and donor.  In each tab I included a portal to to their respective tables.


In the Organization table I created two key fields: representativeID and donorID. next I added representativeID and donorID to the corresponding tables and drew a line connecting the organizations key field to the foreign field, establishing a relationship. I then adjusted the settings to allow for creation of new records.


There must be something very basic that I'm missing because simply what I'd like to do is, in one layout create multiple records in each table. For example I'd lke to add two donors to one organisation but for some reason a new portal row will not appear, so I think it's a script issue. Then I think that the relationship is not set up right because the new portal row should be automatic.


I really hope someone can help because I seem to have hit a wall. Thank you everyone for reading this.