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    Using scripts across files (and online)?



      Using scripts across files (and online)?


      Hey guys,


      I'm wondering what the limitations to using scripts across multiple files are. All I seem to be able to do is open up a file but I can't insert text or results into the other file. Am I missing something?


      Also, how do these features translate on with IWP? If I have 2 files published with the same privileges I still can't seem to even switch over, which is all I could do offline as well.


      Thanks all!


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          I'm not an expert with IWP, so will leave that part of your question to others....


          You have two basic options for using your scripts across multiple files:


          Option 1: Write the script in the second file that does the changes you need. Use a Perform Script step in the first file to call the script in the second file. You can pass data to the second script in a parameter.


          Option 2: In File 1, define a relationship linking a table in file 2 in your relationship graph (Manage | Database | Relationships). You can add a new Table occurence, double click it and use Add Filemaker Data Source to select a table in file 2. Now you can manipulate the data in this table from file 2 just as though it was a table defined in file 1.