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Using Send Mail, want to include multiple fields in body

Question asked by TomHorton on Dec 28, 2011
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Using Send Mail, want to include multiple fields in body


Hi all -

First, thanks in advance for any assistance.

I am trying to utilize the send email script in FileMaker Pro 11 (through SMTP, not EMail Client) and would like to include multiple fields in both the "To" box and in the message body. 

For the To field I would like to setup multiple addresses using different fields in different databases - for instance, I want Contact Management::Email Address with Name and ISO Agent::Email Address to be included here...should it look like this?

Contact Management::Email Address with Name;ISO Agent::Email Address

I keep getting the "An operator is expected here" error message.

Here's what it the body looks like:

"** Please DO NOT reply to this email.**
This is a courtesy notification regarding an update on a merchant account. Please contact your representative if further action is required."

Contact Management::Service Category;