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Using Sendmail - just keeps tripping up with mac mail

Question asked by trouty on Aug 22, 2012
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Using Sendmail - just keeps tripping up with mac mail


I'm very dependent on Sendmail for increasing business levels, but as records have grown, it's becoming more difficult to use.  I use mac mail as the email client, but this regularly trips up.  I don't think this is helped by the 250k jpegs I attach.  I thought about using the smtp server built into Filemaker, but my provider says they don't allow us to use them just for forwarding.  Don't understand this as when I use mac mail, aren't I doing the same thing?

I did think about using one of the email plugins such as 360 or Mailit5.  Can anyone offer some advice on which is the best way to go.  We need to have decent layout capabilities within the emails we send, but need it to be more reliable and ideally much faster.  Reliability is paramount though.