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Using Several checkbox filters on a dashboard

Question asked by johncampbell on Nov 28, 2014
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Using Several checkbox filters on a dashboard


I have a database (single table), which stores details for all the companies in EMEA with more than 500 employees. Typical attributes are No of PC's (banded), Industry(agriculture, telecoms,.....), Revenue (banded) etc etc.

Users want the facility to go to a layout with checkboxes for each attribute field. They make a selection on the various attributes then the layout shows the no of companies, by country, which qualify, in a simple bar chart with country on the x-axis and count of country on the y-axis, all based on the found set.

Thanks to other posts herein, I have worked out how to loop through the selected checkboxes for a given attribute, and apply Perform then Extend Finds on each list value. This works fine for the first attribute, but when get to the 2nd and subsequent attributes using Extend find. The problem is multiple Extends OR the logic (or seem to), I want to AND it. Is there another approach to this?

Heres the script that runs when the user hits the find companies button, after selecting their checkboxes:

heres the user screen