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Using Slider Controls to change layouts

Question asked by B_1 on Feb 11, 2014
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Using Slider Controls to change layouts


     I have four layouts : Veterinary (page 1) , Veterinary_Results_Diagnosis (page 2) , Veterinary_Symptoms_Treatment (page 3), and Veterinary_ContactInformation (page 4).


     I am trying to use a slider control to navigate to and from each layout. I am not sure if I am supposed to make them separate layouts or pages for the slider control to work. I would like for the slider control to work much like an iPhone homescreens set up. However, when I click on the second dot I want it to take me to page 2. Then, when clicking the dot 1 take me back to page 1. Then if i click on dot 3 it will take me to page 3, and so forth. 

     I can only find information on how to set up the script which would be onpanelswitch trigger and a GoToLayout.....

     I can not find any information on how to make this work or if it is even possible. I don't know if there are calculations I need to enter in and such.