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    Using SMTP for email



      Using SMTP for email


      Is there a limit to the number of emails, with an attachment, that can be sent in a single script? When I do a test run of 2 or 3 recipients it works fine. But when I then try to send a run of 50 or 60, no one seems to get the mail. Am I doing something wrong?





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             There is no limit to the number of emails you can send using a single script. I trust you are using a loop so sending 2 should work the same as sending 4 or 40. You may want to send yourself a cc of each to see what is going on, or post the script here for us to look at. It is really difficult to help you without seeing at least part of the script in question.
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               You may also want to use Get ( LastError ) immediately after each send mail step so that you can capture any error codes that might be returned.
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              Sorry, TECman, I wasn't clear.


              I'm using the "Send Mail" script with the "Send via: SMTP Server" option and then the "Create: Multiple emails" option to send one email to every record in the found set.



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                There doesn't appear to be an "error" as such in FMP. It's just that the recipients don't seem to be "getting the message."


                It's kind of embarrassing to keep sending test emails to various group sizes :-)



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                  Seems if it works for a smaller found set it should work for a larger set. One remote possibility is that the emails are getting caught by spam filters or mail servers which block unknown senders/servers. 


                  Personally and depending on what you are doing, I would make use of the full name in your database, considering you have full names, and personalize each email including a confirmation or unsubscribe option at the bottom containing the email address to which the email was sent.  


                  Usually easier to send emails to a found set, but today it is all about communication on a personal basis. 





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                    Thanks, Frank,


                    The emails are fully personalized with recipient's name and pertinent data and do contain appropriate sender info as well. in this case the "found set" is a local group of neighbors, so the "unsubscribe" option isn't used, though that functionality is availble if required. And I agree, it the personalization that's so important nowadays and so easy to accomplish with FileMaker.



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                      Sometimes the restriction on email receiptiants is due to the limit set by the SMTP server to prevent spam.

                      You can test this by getting a free gmail account and using their SMTP server.

                      Your ISP's FAQs may document this limitation. 

                      David Anders

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                        Thanks David.


                        That was the answer I was expecting and simultaneously hoping I wouldn't get. I'll check into it. :-(