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Using Summary fields in a portal (average)

Question asked by SteveMartino on Mar 3, 2014
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Using Summary fields in a portal (average)


     Hello forum  (Phil).    I have a summary field (average) in a portal.  It obviously averages one field of the portal records.   The problem I would like to solve, is if the field is 0, which happens sometimes with the first portal record, the average of, lets say 5 records, includes the zero, which i do not want.  It throws the average off. What I would like it to do is ignore 0  (zero) values, if possible, but I don't want to omit the record from the portal. 

     I also have 2 other summary fields  Min, and Max.  Max is fine, but minimum can also contain a zero, which I would also like to remove from the minimum summary field calculation.

     The only workaround I currently use is to put 2 more fields on the portal GlobalStart and GlobalEnd, which via a script I go to a new layout, and show a report of all the related records, min, max and average, based on a found set  (that I can omit the records with the zero.

     I would like to avoid  going to the new layout and just show the proper minimum, maximum and average on the portal.

     Any thoughts  or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..