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Using Summary Information for New Records

Question asked by TBond on Jan 3, 2014
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Using Summary Information for New Records


     I have a table with a large quantity of records with various "Sign Types". I need to take the summary information from this table and turn it into separate records for use in set of ordering forms. I can do a sub-summary which returns "Sign Type A has a quantity of 10" "Sign Type B has a quantity of 6" but I need to then further modify that information.

     For example, I may have a quantity of 10, but need to manually increase the pricing count to 12 to cover future changes. If it was a field, I could do "Count + Additional" but if I do this as a sub-summary, then my layout still has hundreds of records and there's not a simple place to add the extra 2.

     Sorry this is vague. Any suggestions?