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Using temporary table for found records

Question asked by BZ on May 2, 2013
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Using temporary table for found records


     In the current situation I have a list with, let's say, 100 names. I put this into my find field and get all the found names including the data that belongs to those names. with an error message of the names that couldn't be found in the database. As I want to use the database for analizing data as well, it would be way better if I can get excactly the same list of 100 values as output including the data, including the names that can't be found (where I want to put "missing" in the fields that are filled in for the found names)

     I thought to use a temporary table to get this working. but I read a lot of negative advice on using a temporary table.
     So I thought, to copy the list with names to a temporary table (with an empty field value se to "missing"), perform the find to fill in all the data. Then I can export the temporary table and easely compare it to the originale list, because it's the same.

     Any suggestions what would be the best way to do this ?