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Using TextStyleAdd versus Text formatting functions

Question asked by BryanN on Nov 26, 2012
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Using TextStyleAdd versus Text formatting functions


     In order to provide consistency, I want to ensure most of my fields are formatted with proper noun forms (first letter capitalized with any styles removed).  Trying to prevent guys coming in with ALLCAPS and pasting in making our DB look ugly.


     In this case is it better to use TextStyleAdd( TextFormatRemove (self) ; Titlecase) or would it be better to use Proper ( TextFormatRemove (self) )?


     Also, is there any way that I can do a combination where if "ABC Waflles Inc." is entered, it doesn't come out as "Abc Waffles Inc."?  I tried doing TextStyleAdd ( TextFormatRemove (self) ; Titlecase + Uppercase ) but it ended up underlining the text instead.