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Using the "Hide Object When" field in Inspector.

Question asked by IanH. on Nov 16, 2014
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Using the "Hide Object When" field in Inspector.


Hi all,

This seems like it should be a basic question but for some reason I am having an issue here.

Basic set up:

I have a table called Biz Tracker with 5 fields in it.

One of the fields is called "Activity". The result from the "Activity" field is a drop down box with 10 possible responses. Two of the possible responses are, "L Appointment" and "B Appointment". 

Based on the response I want a second list to appear if 'either' of those two responses are selected:

E.G. If "L Appointment" or "B Appointment" is selected I want another drop down box to appear that is called, "Source of appointment". The result will then require a selection from a pop up menu. I.E. Select from "prospecting",  "Cold Call" .... etc. 

I have used the following argument in the "Hide object when" field in the inspector:

 Biz tracker data entry::Activity  ≠ "B Appointment" or Biz tracker data entry::Activity  ≠ "L Appointment"

For some reason I can only get the first argument in the string above to cause the second drop down box to appear. I.E. If I select "B Appointment" the second drop down box appears, if I select "L Appointment" it doesn't. 

I'm having a blank, any help greatly appreciated.