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Using the backslash character

Question asked by panchristo on Nov 1, 2009
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Using the backslash character


Does anyone know how can I refer to the backslash character (\) in a calculation?

The problem is as follows:


- I have a field (pathfield) with the path of a picture stored in a Directory (e.g. C:\MyDirectory\Mypicture.ext)

- Sometimes the Picture is stored in a network directory.

- I want to have a script which imports the picture after it calculates whether the path of the file is from a remote computer or not.




I imagine that the script should first have a variable ($correctpath) defined from a calculation like:


                    "imagewin://pathfield"             //if the path of the file is remote

                     ;"imagewin:/pathfield"  )        //if the path of the file is local


 And then an "Import picture" script step, with the path reference equal to the result of the $correctpath variable.


My difficulty however, is in using the backslash character (\) in the calculation formula (since it is used by the pathfield), because it is not recognized.


Any ideas?