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    Using the Contacts Template in FM10



      Using the Contacts Template in FM10


      Hi, I am modifying the Contacts Management template from FM10. When using the Related Contacts tab, then selecting Name, I thought this would give me other contacts with the same name. For example, if I have John Smith three times in the database, I want to see just the contacts in the database with that same first and last name. What I get is everyone with the first name of John and everyone with the last name of Smith. How can I look for John (and) Smith and not John (or) Smith. Finding records using Company or City works fine.


      Looking at the Fields definitions there are some global fields and calculations that I don't quite understand, so I don't want to start making changes without some guidance. 


      Can someone tell my what to do to make it work the way I want? Thinking that my modifications are what caused this not to work I returned to the original FM10 template and entered a few names. It works the same way there as well, so I don't think it is something that I did in the modification.





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          Jens Teich
             When I remember correctly the database shows only similar last names. You have to change the relationship like this:

          * Enter Layout Mode (Cmd-L)

          * Enter the tab you are looking for

          tab contains a portal connected with a relationship. Name of this relationship is visible at the bottom of the portal

          * Remember name of portal relationship

          * Open Relationship graph (File -> Manage -> Database -> Tab 'Relationship')

          * Search Table Occurrance (box) with name of relationship

          This box is connected with its neighbour via field 'last name' or so. You will easily find out how to add the condition 'match by first name too'.


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            Thanks for your reply. Actually the database shows similar first OR last names. I am trying to only show similar first AND last names. 


            The portal is Similars.  When I edit the Relationship of Similar and Contacts I see:

            k_Similar_NameMultikey =  k_Similar_NameMultikey



             I've tried various combinations in the Edit dialog box but I still and not getting what I want.


            For example, we have people listed in our database that have several records because they've changed companies or for other reasons. When I select a person, I want to see if there are other records with that exact first and last name. 


            Does that make sense? 

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              OK, I fixed the problem. The field that combined the first name and last name inserted a paragraph between the names. Changing that to a space resulted in what I wanted.