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using the evaluate function

Question asked by med on Jun 2, 2013
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using the evaluate function


     This is the first time I try to use the evaluate function and I guess I do not understand the description of it.

     I am trying to send bulk email and the message for each recipient lookes something like this

     This is to remind you of your ppointment on 5/10/3013 at 6:00pm

     where date and time are stored in table fields (call them table::date and table::time)

     I constructed a global variable $$message  as followes

       "This is to remind you of your appointment on "&table::date&" at "&table::time

     then I try to use evaluate($$message)

     It does not give what I am expecting which is, for every person the message will come up with his own date and time which are stored in the table but instead the message evaluates to ?

     Can somebody please tell me how to do this