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Using the new Table View feature THANKS FM!!!

Question asked by AndyCohen on Mar 30, 2009


Using the new Table View feature THANKS FM!!!


In our podcast "Filemaker Success Tips" Lee and i have been discussing using the new Table View modify dialog as an end user capability to allow them to build relatively any report/query they would want without us as the developer to predefine...i.e., hard code, the report...  

Lee has worked on ways of doing this within FM now for quite a few versions... spent too many hours on it.


When  we saw the new modify capability Lee was sceptical because one can add fields to the table view from ANY table occurance!

However, unrelated tables do not show data... well... ok then why else would I not want to use it for my end-users...?  The argument then went... well when they add fields, the data can be modified. If one changes the Field Behavior so the user cannot access the fierld while in browse then it would serve well as a general report...

Turns out one can...  and kinda easily too...

Create a new layout, dump ALL the fields for the TO into it, Select them all and set their behavior so the user cannot access the fields in Browse. Then Select one and dupe it and move the pull down for the table to select a related TO... then dump ALL the fields from ALL the related TOs!

Go to Browse and Modify the table view to a default setting (the one you would have hard coded!)... Done...

Take it a step further by setting the View to include the header and add pull down menus in the header which trigger scripts that perform queries and you got a full featured querie report capability without any hard-coding all accessable to an end-user without any fear of them breaking your model.



Andy Cohen