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    using the portal filter properly



      using the portal filter properly


           Hi, I am having difficulty with portals.

           in my database I have 3 tables, the main dtabase, the model to contacts table and the contact information table

           so the main database is linked to the model to contact table via PI_fk and the model to contact table is linked via Ci_fk.

           and in the model to contact table, there are 3 fields, called PI_fk, Ci_fk and the contact_type which is either vetter or owner

           so for the portal in the main database, i set filter on the portal to show only when model to contact::contact_type = "owner"

           however, It will show all the contacts from the contact information table regardless of whether iti s owner or vetter as long as the first contact in the contact info table is 'owner'

           what am i doing wrong? this is confusing.



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               Main----<Model to Contacts>----Contact Information

               Main::PI_pk = Model to Contacts::PI_fk
               Contact Information::CI_pk = Model to Contacts::CI_fk

               For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

               So is your portal on the layout for "Main", a portal to Model to Contacts or Contact Information? (see portal Set up | Show Related Records from)

               It sounds like you have a portal to Contact Information when you should have a portal to Modelt To Contacts instead. If needed, fields from Contact Information can be added to the portal row of a portal to "Model to Contacts".

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                 the portal is on the Main layout.

                 so basically for the portal, for the option of filtering , i selected it and in the calculation box the condition was Model to Contacts::Contact Type = "Owner"    however, somehow it doesnt seem to work. and yes, the portal displays information from the Contact Information table, not the Model to Contact. 

                 Is that the reason why its not working?

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                   Yes, that's the reason you are getting the results that you see.