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    Using the same portal in one layout



      Using the same portal in one layout


           Hi everyone!  I'm working on a pricing layout having a portal but split into 4 different sections.  What I want to do is use a portal to add different item description and a price (2 fields decription and price) but will be split into four categories (toys, groceries, clothings and school supplies).  Is it possible to do that, spliting the portal into four parts?  I tried doing this but it didn't work, I was able to make the first 5 rows (initial row 1; number of rows 10) to work but since I specified that for the first part (toys) that there should be 10 rows for the portal.  The problem is if I only put in 5 records , I can't get the next part (groceries) to work ( initial row is 11 and number of rows 10 for part 2).  WHat can I do to make this work?

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               Try setting up a portal filter on each portal that filters for a different set of records. Assuming that your portal has a category field with the values: toys, Groceries, Clothing and school, a portal set to filter out all records except those in the school category would use this type of filter expression:

               PortalTableOccurrence::Category = "School"

               Use the name shown in Portal Setup | Show Related Records From in place of "PortalTableOccurrence" in your version of this expression.

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                 This can be done with relationships and extra table occurrences.

                 It would require that you create in your first table 4 text fields with auto enter data.

                 The auto enter data would be the categories. One categorie per field.

                 Then you can create relationships between your original table and 4 Table occurrences of your second table (pricing table)

                 The relationships would be:

                 Table1::ID ------[=]------ Table2::Table1IdFk
                 Table1::Category1 ------[=]------ Table2::Category

                 This means that when you enter data into one of the portals the categorie would be entered automatically into the portal, together with the ID of the parent table.

                 This would also mean that every portal only displays one category.

                 You would base your 4 portals on these 4 Table Occurrences.

                 If you need me to make you a small sample file, let me know.