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    Using the Sum function



      Using the Sum function


      I am construting a flat database and would like advice on the following:

      I have a field named Amounts for which I want to have a total at the bottom I thought I would be able to use the Sum function but get the impression that to use Sum I have to enter each field ie Sum(amount1,amount2 etc.)

      Is there a way to sum all the fields without having to enter all the amount fields?

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          Howdy jackdash,


          How many 'amounts' are there?  If there are a large number, you might want to reconsider the "flat" part and use a child table so that there are many records, each one with one "amount"


          Then your total could be Sum(Child::amount) and you'd be done with it.


          If there are only 2-3 'amounts', simply make your calculation field to be = amount1 + amount2 + amount3

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               Nothing wrong with Ninja's suggestion, but you can also define a summary field to do this and place it in a footer or trailing grand summary to get a total at the bottom of your layout/report.