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    Using tooltips



      Using tooltips




      I am trying to use tooltips to display a calculated results base on information within a sub summary group.


      here is the code I tried however, it does not display the correct results. 


      "Total Applicant Employed by Company" & count(employID)


      I also tried the following and it did not work


      I created a counter to count the numbers of records with the  status = "employed" (e.g.) cCounter = if(status = "employed"; count(counter);"") 

      then in the tooltip I set it to (e.g.)   "Total Applicant Employed by Company" & sum(counter)


      so I tried again and it did not work

      GetNthRecord(status;Get(RecordNumber) + 1) 


      Please Help Queenz 

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          Sum() and Count() are aggregate functions (they work on groups of values--usually from groups of records). I'd recommend looking up aggregate functions in your on-line help to better understand how they work.


          You should be able to pull together the count you need with either a summary field (Possibly in conjunction with the GetSummary function or the count function.


          If you use an aggregate function to work with values from the same field, but from multiple records, it should have the format: Count(TableOccurrenceName::FieldName). By specifying a table occurrence, to tell filemaker which group of records to refer to via the relationships you've created in your relationship graph. Thus, if your layout's specified table is "Company" and you have a link from Company to your "Employee" table, Count(Employee::EmpID) will return the count of all related employee records where EmpID is not empty.


          Hope that helps.