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Using trial and have a few questions

Question asked by KylePainter on Aug 4, 2011
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Using trial and have a few questions


Hi everyone. I am doing a demonstration soon on File Maker's capabilities to hopefully get our IT dept to switch to it. It will primarily be used for IT inventory tracking (computers, who has them, etc), and tracking software license info and which users have it, etc.

I have created and edited two databases. One for hardware/software info and another for user information. Each database is laid out differently. My biggst hurtle really is that I want both databases to be ONE database but it appears each record in a database must share the same fields. Is it possible to have one record follow one "preset" and another follow a seperate "preset". I know you have layouts.. but that is just a different way to display the same information/fields. If I must keep these two databases separate is it possible for one database to read and display information from another?

I can attach screen shot examples of each database if it helps but they are both rather basic .. mostly just fields with information regarding user contact and another regarding inventory/software licensing.