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    Using Trial Version - Can I create records within records??



      Using Trial Version - Can I create records within records??


      I will try to make this short and sweet AND make some sense.  I used FM Pro approx 10 years ago on a Mac.  Now I had a database built on SQL on a PC.  I miss FM Pro!  So, I downloaded the trial version for 30 days to see if I can get it to do what I need it to do.

      I want to create a record for 400 of our clients.  For each client, I want to keep track of their various employers; medical/emergency information; contact information; funding source information and also be able to create a daily record of any time work is done from our end for each particular person.  ie, today I spent 20 minutes teaching them the bus schedule; I spent an hour at a mtg on their behalf, etc.

      Can I do all that within one database?

      I want to be able to search for John Doe and then run a report on all the daily records within a month, under a particular funding source? 

      Each person might have two employers, two funding sources and for the month ten daily records.

      Hopefully you get the jist of what I need to do.  :-)

      THANKS MUCH!!!

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          Hi Marti,

          Yes it sounds to me like Filemaker will do exactly what you need.

          Firstly you will be best to sit down and have a think on exactly what you want and need to hold data on before starting off.

          As a starting point it sounds like you may need;
          1) a client table holding the basic client information
          2) an employer table (related to the client table)
          3) a funding source table (related to the client table?)
          4) a client timesheet record for the activities (related to the client table)

          You can then draw out some portals to show the related records, allow access to the related records (if needed) and setup some reports.

          Hope this helps - even a little!

          P.S. The trial allows you to do everything the full (pro not advanced) version does!