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Using Trial Version - Can I create records within records??

Question asked by MartiAlger on Sep 8, 2010
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Using Trial Version - Can I create records within records??


I will try to make this short and sweet AND make some sense.  I used FM Pro approx 10 years ago on a Mac.  Now I had a database built on SQL on a PC.  I miss FM Pro!  So, I downloaded the trial version for 30 days to see if I can get it to do what I need it to do.

I want to create a record for 400 of our clients.  For each client, I want to keep track of their various employers; medical/emergency information; contact information; funding source information and also be able to create a daily record of any time work is done from our end for each particular person.  ie, today I spent 20 minutes teaching them the bus schedule; I spent an hour at a mtg on their behalf, etc.

Can I do all that within one database?

I want to be able to search for John Doe and then run a report on all the daily records within a month, under a particular funding source? 

Each person might have two employers, two funding sources and for the month ten daily records.

Hopefully you get the jist of what I need to do.  :-)