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Using value lists

Question asked by GMoors on Mar 27, 2010
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Using value lists


computer: Apple Macbook Pro

os: Snow Leopard

Filemaker: Filemaker 11 Pro

database: on my machine (no internet, no sharing)


I've two tables: hardware and category.

The category-table has two fields: cat_ID (number) and cat_Name and contains values like laptop, computer, beamer, LCD, printer, ...


My hardware-table contains a field hw_cat_ID which must contain the ID of a category (type: number). This field is related to cat_ID of the category-table.

On my form I've placed a dropdown-list that is build like the manual says (File --> Manage --> Value lists...).


This all works great but...


On the (hardware-)form I only want to see the cat_Name in the dropdownlist and store the (cat_)ID of the selected categegory in the hardware-table. Can someone tell me how this has to be done?