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    Using Value Lists to generate sub-divided reports?



      Using Value Lists to generate sub-divided reports?


      Thanks to information in this forum I've been able to generate a monthly report format ('money in' per month shown by date, from various sources (about a dozen) with sub-totals for the months).  I have a field that I've used to generate a value list from input values of my money sources.  Is it possible to use say 3 or 4 (selectable) values to generate another report that sub-divides money per month into money for each of the 3 or 4 values/month?


      Thanks in advance for any info.

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          Yes it's possible. You might even be able to use the same report layout you've already created. (It depends on the details of your table and layout design.) Since sub-summary parts are only visible if the found set is sorted on the sub-summary's "break" field, you can sometimes control which Sub-Summary parts appear simply by sorting your found set on different fields. If this is not possible, you can set a script that uses the value in your drop down to select the appropriate layout and then sorts the records as needed to group the records as needed for the sub-summaries.


          Define a global field.

          Place it in the Header of your report.

          Format it with your value list.

          Use Format | Sliding/Printing... to set it to not be printed so it won't show in your report.

          Create your script to sort and select a layout as needed.

          If this is FMP 10, you can then attach this script as an On object/exit script trigger (drop down) or On Object/Modify (pop up). If this is an earlier version, you can place a button next to the menu field to perform the script. (Don't forget to set it to "do not print" just like the field.)

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               Great!  Let me thrash through your suggestions and see how far I get.  Many thanks.