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Using values in one table for another

Question asked by cfitzsimmons on Dec 24, 2008
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Using values in one table for another


I have what I thought was going to be an easy need. However I have not been able to accomplish the following.


 I have 2 separate db's, each with their own tables/DL's that work fine. One is "Company Personnel" and the other is "Contacts". Neither table is related to the other. There is no reason to relate these tables until now.  


I am now developing a Call list mechanism in the "Contacts" db. This has notes, dates etc which are all defined within the "Contacts" db to be assigned to a person in "Company Personnel". Now all I need to do is create a DL that contains all occurrences of "Company Personnel", in fact their "Full Name" (which exists in "Company Personnel" in the "Contact" db. Then make a filed that will contain this DL and enable the selection of a person. Then we can find on this field.


For whatever reason I cannot figure this one out. I have tried to relate the tables using the not = to and create a DL that is a calculation or lookup to no avail. I either get a combination in the DL of one name and the rest blanks or I am not able to select the field that contains the DL. Then if I do select a member in the DL where a name appears I get a warning that this field is not modifiable.


I am using Filemaker Pro 9 and this need is modifying the Business Productivity Solution. Any suggestions on what I need to do?