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    using variable in a portal tool



      using variable in a portal tool



      I am building a tool for my company which in we are gathering all the issues from production.

      Now I want to make views which view a selection of these issues based on the department where the user works.

      Via a global variable in a script the department is set based on a table where the users are stated in.

      But how do I filter the portal tool based on this variable? If I set it in the filter of the portal tool there are no items shown.

      Altough I have several issues.


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          Can you describe what you attempted in more detail? Including both the relationship and filter expression used for the portal?

          A portal filter reduces the set of related records shown in the portal.

          If you have a portal that shows these values:


          and then add a portal expression:

          PortalTable::FruitName = Orange

          The list of related records will be reduced to:


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            At log-in a script runs which sets a global variable with the productionline number.

            This variable isused throughout the system when the user makes a new record.

            I will test something and if I still have a problem I will let you know.


            thanx a lot.