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Using variables in Scripts

Question asked by billk1radius on Aug 5, 2009
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Using variables in Scripts


I am trying to set a field to a value saved in a variable and cannot seem to get it to work.  The goal is to

save 2 fields from the current record, create a new record, and then set the same fields in the new record

to the values saved in the variables from the last record.


Here is my script

Go to Layout [ “Sales Orders” (Sales Orders) ]
Set Variable [ $CurrentShow; Value:Sales Orders::Show ]
Set Variable [ $CurrentOrderPrices; Value:Sales Orders::Price List ]
New Record/Request
Set Field By Name [ Sales Orders::Show; "$CurrentShow" ]  /* this was an attempt to use quotes that did not work */

Set Field By Name [ Sales Orders::Price List = $CurrentOrderPrices ]

Thanks for any help!