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Using variables in scripts to perform finds

Question asked by ijontichy on Jul 8, 2010
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Using variables in scripts to perform finds


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Is is possible to use variables to script specific finds?   Let's say I want to find all occurrences of FIELD 1 with contents "A" and I've set up a perform script button and I'm parked on a record with "A" in the field.

In the script I would set the variable to be $FIELD1 which should pull "A" from the contents of FIELD 1.

If I choose the perform find script and try to specify the find so that Field 1=$FIELD1   I get nothing.

What am I missing?

I can certainly script to ENTER FIND MODE and set field with the variable, but this strikes me as clumsy.

I think I'm missing something basic.

Thanks in more related issue coming in a separate post.