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Using Variables in Search Scripts

Question asked by FlorianWiegand on Jun 6, 2013
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Using Variables in Search Scripts


     Dear Forum Users,

     i am trying to script a range finder. I have two global fields which i labeled "start.range" and "end.range". In my layout i have two drop down calendar fields which relate to the just mentioned fields. I set the "start.range" and the "end.range"  using the calendar and then press on a button which triggers my script.

     Set Variable -> $start, start.range

     Set Variable -> $end, end.range

     Enter Find Mode

     Set Field-> "search field", $start...$end

     Perform Find


     Unfortunatly, this does not work. In the "search field", instead of entering "10/05/2013...11.02.2016" it writes "$start...$end" which then of course, finds nothing. Any help would be appreciated.