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Using Variables to create folders

Question asked by rlamberts on Oct 18, 2013
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Using Variables to create folders


     I am using FMP 12 on both Mac and Windows (prefer mac).  I am trying to create a hierarchy of folders (it's for patients in my practice) as follows:

  •           Family ID Number           
    •                     Patient ID                     
      •                               Document Type                               
        •                                         Documents (PDF FIles)

     With all but the last being a folder.  I could manually create new folders, but was hoping I could use variables in the path to create folders based on when I am inserting the documents.  Here's an example:

     .....Patient Docs/$Family/$Patient/Filetype/$Filename

     With the variables defined by unique identifiers for the various levels.  This works just fine as long as the files are already there, but does not let me create a new file in the folder.  Is there any way to give permission (on my mac would be fine) so I can use this to create new folders on the fly?  Can I do it with an apple script?