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Using Web Access to Access/Modify Database

Question asked by JacobWoodson on Jan 28, 2011
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Using Web Access to Access/Modify Database


Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to find a solution for a small church environment.  Several users (four or five) need to be able to read and edit content in a network-attached database.  I was leaning towards Microsoft Access originally, but after reading into FileMaker I believe that this may be a better option.

My question is this: for a relatively simple database, is there really any need to purchase multiple copies of FileMaker Pro?

It appears that with the Web Upload functionality, couldn't one administrator install FileMaker and set up the initial framework of the database.  Then, all other users could simple view/edit/add entries from the web interface.  Is this correct?

I understand that in order for each user to have full control over the database, he or she will need to have FileMaker.  But how restricted is the web access?  What features does the web interface lack that only access through FileMaker can provide?

To clarify, I am talking about FileMaker Pro 2011.

You will have to understand that you are talking to a database newbie here.  I know very little about running a database; in fact, I am actually requesting this information in order to help a third party.  And as you may have already figured out, I have never even touched FileMaker.

Regardless, any help or information is greatly appreciated.  I will subscribe to this thread via email and check back regularly, so let me know if YOU have any questions about the setup I have in mind; I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Thank you all in advance for your help.