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    Using Web Publishing for Customer Approval



      Using Web Publishing for Customer Approval


      Hi everybody,

      A little background about the current process...  When a customer places an order over the phone, it is entered into our FMP solution, and then a form is sent to the customer by e-mail to be printed out, signed, and faxed back with their signature or any changes they want to make to the order.

      I am not yet very familiar with web publishing.  I was wondering if instead of sending the customer a PDF of that layout for them to print out, write on, and send back, if there is a way to send them a URL of this layout that through web publishing, they could access the database themselves and initial/write comments directly on the layout.

      I know that it is possible through web publishing, but is it possible to limit their access enough so that they literally only have access to writing in select fields on the layout.  I don't want them to be able to access any other records in the database, create/delete new records, or anything that isn't writing their initials in a box or two to approve the order for processing.  How doable is this and does anybody currently have a system in place that they feel comfortable giving customers direct access to?

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          You can also email them a "customer number" along with the URL to your web direct published database. The first screen that they see can require them to enter that number and this can then be used by your scripts to limit their access to specific records/fields of your database and they can also be restricted to specific layouts that only allow the editing you want them to be able to do.

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            Do you still recommend this as the best solution?

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              That's an interesting question, what you would be doing, just to be clear, is to create account for the user in Manage | Security with an account name and password and then emailing them both a link to your web published database and the credentials to use--at least for initial log in purposes, to access your database via an account that limits the user to only records that they are entitled to see. (The process of creating the account can be scripted to save the person taking the phone order time.)


              Note that the OP's main requirement was controlling what the user could access and this meets that requirement, but I really can't say if this is the best option or if other approaches might be a better bet.