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    Using web viewer to display files



      Using web viewer to display files


      Using FMP 10 Advanced server with users on both Windows and Mac OS platforms using FMP 10.

      I have a layout where I want to list files which exist on a server in various folder structures. E.G. Property address, Maintenance, Images and Tenants being just four possibilities. Using web viewer objects on a layout works pretty well under FMP running on a Windows platform (XP, Vista, W7), the folder structure and files are faithfully displayed and can be interacted with. However, on FMP 10 running on Mac's it doesn't work at all. I can get the web viewer to display a specific file on a mac but not a folder listing within the web viewer.

      By this I mean, a calculated field is used to provide the address to the web viewer. On Windows the FMP10 web viewer works well with something like "file:///" or "file:/// some street/images/", on a mac the same web viewer will report that the url is not found.

      If I specify "filemac:/volumes/server/assetts/properties/address/" a finder window appears listing the files but I would like the web viewer to work the same way for all OS's much like you'd expect it to if you were using for  viewing a web page.

      Help and suggestions appreciated.