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Using web viewer to display files

Question asked by Kobyashi on Aug 18, 2010


Using web viewer to display files


Using FMP 10 Advanced server with users on both Windows and Mac OS platforms using FMP 10.

I have a layout where I want to list files which exist on a server in various folder structures. E.G. Property address, Maintenance, Images and Tenants being just four possibilities. Using web viewer objects on a layout works pretty well under FMP running on a Windows platform (XP, Vista, W7), the folder structure and files are faithfully displayed and can be interacted with. However, on FMP 10 running on Mac's it doesn't work at all. I can get the web viewer to display a specific file on a mac but not a folder listing within the web viewer.

By this I mean, a calculated field is used to provide the address to the web viewer. On Windows the FMP10 web viewer works well with something like "file:///" or "file:/// some street/images/", on a mac the same web viewer will report that the url is not found.

If I specify "filemac:/volumes/server/assetts/properties/address/" a finder window appears listing the files but I would like the web viewer to work the same way for all OS's much like you'd expect it to if you were using for  viewing a web page.

Help and suggestions appreciated.