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Using Where Statement on Aggregate function in Lookup Field

Question asked by WilliamK on Jan 24, 2013
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Using Where Statement on Aggregate function in Lookup Field


     I'm sure this question or ones simular to it have been asked many times, but I can't find an anwer that makes sense to me.  I have a table called EbayInvoices.  This table has the following fields.  "EbayItemID", FeeDate", "FeeType", "FeeAmount:". 

     I have a second table called FeeSummary that will show me a summary of all the fees related to a specific EbayItemID.  This table will have the Fields "EbayItemID", "TotalInsertFees", "TotalFinvalValueFees", TotalBuyItNowFees", etc.    The relationship between the two tables will be EbayItemID. 

     I want all the different fee fields in the FeeSummary table to be calculated look up fields.  So for instance the TotalInsertFees field needs to show me a sum of all the related records in the EbayInvoices Table where the FeeType field = "Insert Fee"

     In SQL I could do this with a SUM aggregate function and filter it with a where clause.  How can I do this in FM?  I am so used to working with SQL that I am have a hard time wrapping my head around how to do similar things in FM.  I know I could probably do this with a report and grouping, but I would rather have this be a table with permenant stored look up fields as I want to use this data in other ways.