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Using XMPP URI within Filemaker

Question asked by DerekCosta on Dec 18, 2013
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Using XMPP URI within Filemaker



     My database is nearing completion, and I have hit one final hole in the road:  I cannot get the xmpp URI to work properly.  

     Example:  in Mail, a website, or any other application, i can create a link "" that opens a new Jabber message in the default IM application.  

     In Filemaker, I tried Open URL [No dialog; "xmpp:" & ActiveCases::JabberAddress"  - this doesn't work, it only launches my default browser and the anti-phishing warning appears.  

     I also tried Send Event [""; "misc"; "disc"; "xmpp:" & ActiveCases::JabberAddress"   - this opens the messages app, but does not create a new message.  

     I also tried the above, but changed the type to URI with no luck.

     I thought about using AppleScript, but I do not know how to use that to tell Messages to open a new application to an address based on the contents of a field in the database.  


     Any thoughts?    Thanks!